Quality Policy Statement

CMAS – System Consultants, Lda. aims to provide its customers an excellent and differentiated service, adjusted to the needs of each client. We have a multidisciplinary team with broad knowledge in the Consulting and Information Technology sector, that has developed work of undeniable quality and rigor, always assuring maximum profitability for the customers.

We are focused on being a reference company, recognized as the best option for the customers, employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

We continuously seek to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, complying with legal requirements that are applicable to our business. Therefore, the following continuous improvement pillars were established.

Customer satisfaction
We seek to continuously search the market in order to identify and anticipate the needs of our customers, adapting our offer, increasing the customer’s satisfaction and promoting longevity in commercial relations.

Supplier satisfaction
We believe it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with our suppliers, with mutual trust, allowing to maintain relations that favor the development of business opportunities, in order to assure the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of our services.

Employee satisfaction
We also promote the personal and professional development of our employees, encouraging their participation in the implementation of actions that aim to improve the Quality, maintaining a work environment suited to the demands of their professional performances.

Business models satisfaction
We promote the continuous improvement of the companies’ processes in order to offer services of greater value for the customer, by monitoring and evaluating the established objectives.


Carlos Santana
CEO of CMAS – Systems Consultants
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